As Herzog brings Bad Lieutenant to the big screen, we take a look at five of our favourite corrupt cops pics

Everyone loves a bad cop including German’s favourite director Werner Herzog. In his latest film ‘The Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans’, Nicolas Cage plays a rogue detective who is as devoted to his job as he is at scoring drugs — while playing fast and loose with the law. To celebrate the release of the film, looks at five of its favourite corrupt cop pictures.

Bad Lieutenant (1992)

As you’ve probably guessed from the title, this guy is one bad cop. Harvey Keitel played drug-addled cop, who is up to his ears in gambling debt. When he’s not getting stoned or sexually assaulting teenage girls, he’s running a ponzi scheme on his fellow officers, Keitel truly is one BAD LIEUTENANT

The Godfather

After playing crooks s in such pictures as The Asphalt Jungle to The Killing, Sterling Hayden had perfected his villain role. So who better to play the mob-complicit Captain McCluskey in Coppola’s Godfather?

Lakeview Terrace

Samuel L. Jackson has made a career out of playing bad-boy characters. As a member of the LAPD, Jackson’s character terrorizes an interracial couple who moves in next door…

The Departed

Director Martin Scorsese’s Boston crime thriller stars Matt Damon who falls in with the Irish Mafia and becomes a mole inside the State Police. Ignore his golden smile; this villain was missing a conscience.

City of God

Set in Rio de Janeiro, this Oscar-nominated film shows a neighborhood where corrupt police officers run as rampant as the drug dealers they’re supposed to be prosecuting. Actor Alexandre Rodrigues  plays a photographer who helms the chilling narrative and must decide whether or not to publish a photo which would expose the dirty cops.