Feature Kids do the darndest things

Movies.ie looks back at the antics of some of the movie worlds most well known (for good and bad) child actors.

Remember when you were a kid, you could eat whatever you want, run around in circles for hours, colour on the walls and your only real responsibilities were to brush your teeth and once in a blue moon visit your decrepit old aunty. Not exactly a shabby life but it has nothing on the lives of the rich and famous.

We look at the antics of some of the movie worlds most well known (for good and bad) child actors.

1. Drew Barrymore

have to ask yourself what exactly Drew Barrymore did to get the number
one spot. Drew’s big break came with her role in ET. From here she
became an iconic 80’s child actress, playing predominantly comic roles.
She has had a successful transition from child star into fully fledged
adult actress, performing in, Charlies Angels, Bad Girls, Boys on the
Side, Donnie Darko. In 1995 she established her own production company
‘Flower Films’. However it is her particularly troubled childhood that
has landed Drew the number spot – she started smoking at the age of
nine, drinking alcohol at 11 and was doing cocaine by the age of 13,
her hectic career had turned her into a rebellious and highly strung
young teenager. Her first rehab visit was at the age of 13 and again at
the age of 14. Drew has successfully managed to turn her life around
and has become one of the most popular and loved celebrities today.

2. Macauley Culkin

probably know him better as Kevin McAllister that annoying kid who is
constantly abandoned by his parents either at home or at the airport!
Home Alone (1990) was Culkins first big hit and with the sequel he
became a household name. Several of his other early childhood films
include, The Good Son, and The Pagemaster, he also befriended Michael
Jackson after starring in his video for ‘Black and White’. He
disappeared for a few years amidst several rumours and highly
publicised stories involving his legal battle to separate himself from
his parents. He reappeared in 2003 and has since taken on roles in
Indie films, Broadway and Television. In 2004 the once loveable child
star was arrested and jailed for possession of several narcotics and
illegal substances. He was a key witness in the 1993 trial against
Michael Jackson, the prosecution claimed that Culkin was abused Michael
Jackson, both denied the claims and Jackson was freed.

3. The Olsen Twins

Kate and Ashley Olsen are probably the most famous twins on the planet.
Their names immediately conjure up memories of terrible low budget
kids’ films about their whacky antics as cheeky and charming little
girls. Their adorable little faces earned them their first role as
Michelle Tanner on the sitcom Full House. The twins have been working
since 1987 and are still active in pursuing their acting careers but
this seems to have taken a back seat as the girls are also busy running
their multi-million dollar company Dualstar. Their last film was New
York Minute, and since then the girls have concentrated on their
college studies. Controversy is no stranger to their lives however.
Mary-Kate checked herself into rehab after battling with anorexia in
2004 and only last year her name was mentioned in the investigation
into Heath Ledgers death, rumours circulated that the pair were in fact
dating each other. Her sister is also no stranger and in 2006 filed a
$40million dollar against the National Enquirer on the grounds of
slander and defamation.

4. Haley Joel Osment

sees dead people, inspires world change and even fought alongside
Mickey Mouse in a quest to stop evil Disney villains taking over the
world. A promising career lay ahead of Haley Joel Osment,, his first
role came in the guise of a commercial for Pizza Hut and from here his
career took off – landing the role as Forrest Gump’s son, lead role in
Bogus alongside Whoopi Goldberg and Gerard Depardieu, as well as
numerous television appearances, perhaps Osment’s best known role came
in 1999 starring alongside Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense.. However in
the last few years Haley has managed to do some serious damage to
career after crashing his car, he pleaded guilty to driving under the
influence and drug possession. Three years probation, a fine and a
court order to attend rehab has all but ruined this young stars career.

5. Shirley Temple

Born in 1928, Shirley Temple (not to be confused with Tele Bingo star) shot to fame after starring in one of the most successful films of 1934, ‘Bright Eyes’, at the age of six. A singing, acting, tap dancing machine Shirley dominated the film industry and Hollywood throughout the 1930’s cited as being a ray of sunshine and hope during the Great Depression that swept across America and the world. She retired from making movies in 1949 but continued to make numerous television appearances, her own show ending in 1961. A lot of rumours followed Temple through her life, the two most prominent being blacklisted as a Communist in 1940s and one claiming that she died in the late 1970s. The woman is still alive and up to a few years ago had a very influential political career as an American Ambassador. Shirley celebrated her 81st birthday in April of this year.