Fact File Keanu Reeves

Neo’s back in action this weekend as Tom Ludlow, a  maverick veteran LAPD Vice Detective, who sets out on a quest to discover the killers of his former partner.  But what do you really know about the man behind such classic characters as Ted Logan (Bill and Ted), Neo (The Matrix) or Officer Jack Traven (Speed). Movies.ie has the facts for you!

Birth Name:
  Keanu Charles Reeves

Birthday: 2 September 1964

Born: Beirut, Lebanon

Romeo Romeo:  Reeves began his acting career at the tender age of nine, in a stage production of Damn Yankees. At 15, he played Mercutio on stage in a production of Romeo and Juliet at the Leah Posluns Theatre.

Jail Bait: Reeves was arrested in May 1993. He was charged with drunk driving. His biological father also served two-years of a ten-year sentence for drug related charges. 
Mr Manger: Before turning to acting, Reeves managed a pasta shop in Toronto.

The Simpsons: Jimbo Jones from ‘The Simpsons’ is based on Reeves’ character in ‘Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure’ (1989).

Rock N’ Roll:  Keanu played the bass in the band “Becky” – also featuring Robert Mailhouse (drums), Paulie Kosta (guitar) and Rebecca Lord (vocals).

Karate Kid:
For the role of Neo in ‘The Matrix Trilogy’, Reeves learned over 200 martial arts moves.

Birthday Boy! He shares a birthday with fellow actor Salma Hayek and heavyweight boxer Lennox Lewis.
Rewind Reeves: Keanu is currently working on a remake of the classic sci-fi flick ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’. The original centred on a world obsessed with nuclear attacks and aliens arriving with a warning to humanity to change its ways. Reeves has indicated that the remake will focus more on man versus nature, unlike the original which concentrated on man versus man.

Street Kings hits Irish cinemas Friday, April 18th.