Fact File Josh Brolin

Ten things you never knew about the former Goonie turned American President

Actor, director, writer and producer and he only turned 40 this year too! In the last few years we have seen a huge surge in popularity in his career, possibly due to his last few roles being in very popular films and of course his rugged good looks and off screen charm! Here are ten things you probably didn’t know about Mr Brolin…

1. He had one of these terrible TV careers, you know the ones where nearly every TV show Brolin appeared in flopped, Young Riders was probably his most successful one but that only lasted three seasons – sorry Josh!

2. He was engaged to that British actress, no one remembers, Minnie Driver, they were together for two years before splitting up in October of 2001.

3. Josh is a bit of a family man, he is Barbara Streisand’s stepson but has written countless short stories and poems about his own mom Jane Agee who died in 1995 and has his son Trevor sketch all of his characters before filming.

4. Brolin once aimed to be the American Gordon Ramsay, and had aspirations at becoming a top chef! When he isn’t busy filming he likes to spend his time surfing and car racing!

5. In 2000, he won 24th Annual Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race in Long Beach, the same race his Dad won 22 years ago! He pipped fellow Hollywood stars such as George Lucas and Ashley Judd to the post, completing the entire thing in 18 minutes!

6. Speaking of his dad both of them have played the role of US Presidents. His father James Brolin played Ronald Reagan and Brolin plays George W. Bush in his latest film, ‘W’.

7. He was arrested in July of this year, when himself and Jeffrey Wright along with some other crew members of ‘W’ got into a fight in a bar, he was released after paying $334 – we are pretty sure he can afford it these days!

8. His first role was as Sean Astin’s older brother Brandon, in the classic film ‘The Goonies’!

9. Two days after landing the role in ‘No Country for Old Men’, Brolin crashed his motorcycle into another vehicle in Los Angeles. He shattered his collarbone but after only two weeks of rest he started filming.

10. Brolin is an avid stock market player and is one of the cofounders marketprobability.com and has his own trade station setup in his Los Angeles home. Well with the world facing a pretty tough economic downturn, at least Brolin can rely on his movie career, lets just hope he doesn’t return to TV anytime soon, or its not only his stocks that could be tumbling!

W. is in Irish cinemas from Friday, November 7th.