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Ten Things You Never Knew About Ewan McGregor

Ten Things You Never Knew Ewan McGregor

From Indie to blockbuster and back again, Ewan McGregor has done it all. Now he’s starring  in Woody Allen’s latest pic ‘Cassandra’s Dream’. But what do you really know of everyone’s favourite Scot? Movies.ie presents ten fascinating Ewan McGregor factoids. 

(1)McGregor was a former roommate of Jude Law. They are still close friends.

(2) He was originally up for the lead role in The Beach, which would have reunited him with director Danny Boyle and screenwriter John Hodge who collaborated with McGregor on Shallow Grave, Trainspotting and A Life Less Ordinary. The role went to Leonardo DiCaprio. While McGregor blames studio influence for the casting decision he has not spoken toneither Boyle or Hodge since.

(3)Originally auditioned for the role of Mercutio in the 1996 film Romeo + Juliet (1996). He later got his chance to work with “Romeo” director Baz Luhrmann when he was cast as Christian in Moulin Rouge!.

(4) Ewan was presented with an honorary doctorate from the University of Ulster at a graduation ceremony in Belfast, Northern Ireland (5 July 2001).

(5) He says that he was inspired to get into show business by his uncle, actor Denis Lawson. Lawson played Wedge Antilles in Episodes 4-6 of Star Wars.

(6) Early career dedicated almost exclusively to indie, low-budget, and non-feature films. When cast as Obi-wan Kenobi in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace (1999), an interviewer reminded him of his “aversion” to major films, and he replied “I know what I said, but, hey! This is Star Wars!”

(7)Was a student in the year-long theatre arts program at Kirkcaldy College of Technology in the fall of 1988.

(8) He Completed a trip from London to New York ‘The Long Way Round’ by riding a motorbike east, via Europe, Mongolia, Russia, Alaska and Canada to Manhattan over 115 days in 2004.

(9) When filming in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace (1999), he kept making the “Swoom” noise of the light saber during his fights. George Lucas explained many times that this would be added in by the special effects people later on. Ewan said “I keep getting carried away.”

(10) He befriended Colin Farrell during the shooting of Cassandra’s Dream (2007).

Check out the trailer for Ewan McGregor’s latest film ‘Cassandra’s Dream’ below.


‘Cassandra’s Dream’ is in Irish cinemas Friday.