Disneys A Christmas Carol Interviews and Footage

We chat to the producers of the Jim Carey performance capture movie causing a (snow) storm at Cannes

There was great excitement at Movies.ie towers when we heard we’d be interviewing Steve Starkey and Jack Rapke, the producers of ‘A Christmas Carol’ in Cannes. Yes Cannes, that infamous holiday destination in sunny South-France, well-known for it’s film festivals, sunshine and glamour. We started packing straight away, it was only after we’d crammed swim-suits, sun-lotion and martini glasses into a bag that we’d realised that this was to be a virtual interview. Thanks to the latest technology, the producers would be in sun-soaked Cannes but we’d be staying infront of our computers in North-Side inner city Dublin.




Both producers joined Jim Carrey, Colin Firth and director Robert Zemeckis at the global launch of ‘DISNEY’S A CHRISTMAS CAROL’. Disney filled the streets of Cannes with fake snow for the event, which was followed by a press conference and this virtual interview junket. The spectacular event launched seven months of global anticipation of this exciting reimagining of Charles Dickens’ classic tale, which opens in cinemas around the world in November 2009.


The set-up for the interview was very high-tech, we logged into a secure site where we met producers Steve Starkey and Jack Rapke, along with other journalists world-wide. Each journalist submitted their question to the two producers and they chose which ones to answer at random. Below is a transcript of the two interviews, we drank a few Martini’s and wore swim suits while typing the interview, just to pretend we were in Cannes.




Read the interview with Steve Starkey here


Read the interview with Jack Rapke here




To view footage from ‘Disney’s A Christmas Carol’ – just press play below.

To view in full screen just double click the movie.


‘A Christmas Carol’ opens in Ireland in November 2009