Beyonce Knowles talks about Obsessed and Wonder Woman

Known for her nice girl image, it comes as a surprise to learn that Beyonce would happily trade punches with another woman, and in her new psycho-thriller ‘Obsessed’ she does just that.


In her role as Sharon Charles, Beyonce finds herself in a catfight with bunny boiler and office intern Lisa Sheridan – played by Ali Larter – after she makes a play for her husband. And even though she has been learning how to box, Beyonce, 27, says not even her hubby, Jay-Z, knew she could get so feisty. The Crazy In Love singer insists she is still the same sweet-natured Beyonce we know and love – but she has just shown the world she is not a woman to be messed with

Here she explains how she stays in shape, the secret to a successful and happy marriage, and why she just loved her chance at catfighting . . .

Q: In ‘Obsessed’ it looks like you were really fighting. Were you throwing real punches?
BK: “I was absolutely throwing real punches, and I have been taking boxing classes so I used some of my boxing training in the movie. And literally I think I scared Ali because she was like ‘Okay! I thought you were always quiet and calm.’ Because in between takes I was like ‘Grrrrrr’ and getting myself pumped up and sweating. I was really, really going for it, I was really bruised up and I wanted more blood. I was definitely into it and I loved doing the fight scenes because they were kinda similar to choreography and because I’m always so politically correct and I’m always so nice and positive it was great to let out that aggression.”


Q: How did you find grappling with Ali Larter?
BK: “This was my first fight scene. When I was really young I had a little fight – but I was like in elementary school so I don’t think that really counts.”

Q: Did you win?
BK: “At school? I think I did. I think I won the fight, yes. Thank god I won the fight.”

Q: Does Jay-Z know you can fight like that?
BK: “I’m not sure Jay does. We’ve never fought, obviously, but Jay knows I’ve got fight in me. I’m a lover and a fighter, but I fight on the stage and usually that’s when I’m able to let go and release whatever tension I have. When I get tired I fight and when there’s something going on I fight. I don’t fight physically but I do fight my barriers mentally and on stage.”


Q: How do you stay in shape?
BK: “Oh with the dancing and the same diet and staying away from food that was bad for me – you know, the same as everybody else has to do if they want to lose weight. I’ve been doing those boxing classes too.”


Q: Do you think men are going to learn a lesson from this movie about what they shouldn’t do?
BK: “I think men are going to learn a lot from this movie. Communication is key in a relationship and especially a marriage. I don’t want to give too much of the movie away but there are these little things that mean so much and when you don’t do them sometimes you can run into some psychos and in the movie my husband runs in to a psycho and he has to pay. And she definitely has to pay.”


Q: Are you talking about your marriage at all now because initially you didn’t even mention it. . .
BK: “No, I still don’t talk about it. People come up to me and say ‘Congratulations’ so I say ‘Thank you very much’ but that’s all. I keep it moving. But I am still the same, I am still really private and it has worked.”


Q: How is married life with Jay – and what name do you have on your credit card now – is it still Beyonce Knowles or Beyonce Z?
BK: “(Laughs) Only I know that!”



Q: Do you prefer Jay-Z the businessman or Jay-Z the rapper?
BK: “That’s a good question. Um, I can’t compare because when Jay is really focused he is a brilliant businessman, but he is the best rapper ever in the world. So it is hard to say. I love both of them!”


Q: You are such a big star – do you ever get nervous about performing live?
BK: “Oh yes. I get so terrified before I go on stage. My secret is no eye contact. I find that if I don’t look directly at people and just concentrate completely on the singing and dance moves then I can get through. But when I take that initial step on to the stage the butterflies just go crazy.”

Q: Who do you like to have around you when you go on tour?
BK: “I love performing with my band. They are all female. They give me so much energy it’s like a spirit and they make me feel so much better. Performing songs for the first time is always scary. Mainly because I always come out with up-tempo numbers so I always have more room where something could go wrong. I just get nervous.”


Q: Your sister Solange has launched her own pop career – is there ever any rivalry between you?
BK: “Oh no – she is like my baby. We never had those issues. She is younger than I am and I’ve always been very protective and I’d do anything for her and she’d do anything for me.”

Q: You say you are your own biggest competition, what do you mean by that?
BK: “You grow a lot more as a person if you try and better yourself without comparing yourself to other people – not just professionally but personally too.”

Q: There is a rumour you want to play Wonder Woman if they ever decide to do the movie. . .
BK: “That would be cool – but it’s weird because I can say anything. The second someone asks ‘What do you want to do?’ I could answer ‘Well, I just did two dramas I want to be a superhero now. Maybe something like Wonder Woman.’ Then I open the papers and it says ‘Beyonce says she wants to be the first black Wonder Woman.’ I’m like ‘What!”

Q: You have to stay in shape and look good all the time. When you’re travelling on tour do you find it hard to eat healthily?
BK: “My meals are pretty boring. I have cereal for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and fish with vegetables for dinner. Sometimes if I’m not being disciplined – which is usually a couple of months after my record’s come out and I’ve done my videos I start hitting the Dunkin’ Doughnuts. But when I’m out of the country it is harder to find that food so that makes it easier for me really.”



“Obsessed” is in Irish cinemas from Friday, May 29th