Ali Larter talks about OBSESSED and HEROES

Heroes star Ali Larter is on top of the world right now, as well as saving it! Here she talks about playing Niki, Jessica and Tracy in Heroes and her new movie ‘Obsessed’ with Beyonce Knowles. is obsessed with Ali Larter. Whether it’s playing one of her 101 aliases on TV show Heroes or in her latest psycho stalker role.

For “Obsessed”, Larter plays a siren stalker who falls for her boss (Idris Elba), only the feeling are not mutual. Having Beyoncé Knowles waiting at home for him might have something to do with that!

Here the blonde bombshell talks about the film, Heroes, working with Beyonce and her own personal obsessions…

Q: Can you tell us a bit about your new movie ‘Obsessed’?
AL: “It’s a thriller with Beyonce and Idris Elba. It was just an incredibly creative experience. It pushed me emotionally also. It is kind of a mix between Fatal Attraction and Basic Instinct. It is a real thriller. I’m extremely excited about it. It was exciting to play the classic femme fatale. I’m hoping that everyone goes and watches it and has as much fun seeing it as I did making it. It was wonderful working with Beyonce and Idris.”


Q: Beyonce is such a huge superstar – what is it like to get to know her as a person?
AL: “You never know. People can come on for a guest spot and have more attitude or they can be the biggest star and be as cool as hanging out with your best friends. She was really amazing. I was so… I don’t want to say surprised because I do not ever want to think that I would stereotype someone. But she was incredibly candid and open about her life. She was always on set, she always stayed for off-camera and she was really involved in elevating the storyline. I was just really impressed by her on every level. I loved working with her and I hope to work with her again. I thought she was great. In our fight sequence we really go at each other. It was hysterical.”


Q: What is your obsession?
AL: “My obsession right now is slowing down! I’m just trying to stay in the moment and enjoy every bit of it. I feel so lucky.”

Q: You are a pin-up for a lot of people. Who is the first actor or character on television that you fell in love with when you were young?
AL: “JR Ewing! On Dallas. I liked a bad boy! I only saw it recently actually. I had been up really, really late. We had been shooting and I was just flicking through the channels when I got home and I saw an episode. I used to love it – my parents used to watch it and I remember sitting on my dad’s lap on the sofa. We would always watch Dallas and I can remember always thinking that JR was so cool. Not the cute one. I like the power boys.”


Q: What is the worst career advice you have ever received?
AL: “Don’t move back to New York. A lot of people did not want me to leave the business for a little bit and for me – time and real life is what makes you an actor. You have to have something to say. So I think live your life is what every actor should do and that would be my good advice to people.”


Q: What’s your favourite part of being on Heroes?
AL: “My favourite part is the incredible cast that I get to share my days with.”


Q: In Heroes which of your characters do you prefer playing – Niki, Jessica or Tracy?
AL: “Each of the characters holds a special place in my heart but I’d have to say playing Niki first season is definitely the highlight. I loved that.”


Q: Who in the Heroes cast have you not worked with as much as you would have liked?
AL: “I would love to work with Hayden (Panettiere). I think she’s such a talented actress and I love it when two strong female characters can come together. That would be great.”


Q: What’s a typical day like on the Heroes set?
AL: “Hair and makeup girls – Lori and Leanne…they will do their magic in making us look good. That’s where it begins and ends. Then we’ll go rehearse and block a scene. Say hi to the crew – who are the hardest-working crew in Hollywood – and then we get down to business!”


Q: As your different roles in Heroes you have a lot of action sequences – how do you prepare for those?
AL: “I’m an athletic person – I play sports, I exercise. So I don’t have to worry about getting fit. It is just the co-ordination of it all and learning how to do it. But I really enjoy it. To stay fit I run. I am a real runner, I really enjoy it. And I have been doing Pilates Plus with my trainer too.”


Q: How many of the stunts are done by you?
AL: “About half. I have an amazing stunt double – Heather! I have a huge fight sequence in Obsessed with me and Beyonce and she was able to work in that also. Heather makes me look so good.”

Q: How do you manage to look so fresh-faced all the time?

AL: “(Laughs) With a lot of help from my make-up artist! I don’t look groomed all the time. Definitely not. But my make-up artist is great. I love Crème de la Mer products and I always have a Chanel lipstick in Luminous with me.”


Q: Would you ever do nude scenes?
AL: “No! No way – that is definitely not for me.”


Q: What is your favourite part about being a Jersey girl?
AL: “Proud of it! And love being from there. We’re all fun and feisty. You gotta love those feisty girls!”


Q: How do you feel about the changes that are taking place in America?
AL: “I think it’s an extraordinary time in our country. I’ve never been more proud to be an American, the inauguration was humbling. I think it’s time for everyone to take a responsibility for the choices that they make. I’m very inspired by what’s happening.”

OBSESSED is now showing at Irish Cinemas