7 NotSoSuper Superheroes

Well with the impending release of The Green Hornet, Movies.ie looks at Seven of the great Not-So-Super Superheroes!

Well with the impending release of The Green Hornet, Movies.ie cracks open the vault of heroes and villains. What are we looking for this time you ask? We are searching for seven of the most unlikely heroes, seven super powered beings that for some reason don’t technically qualify for the role as a true hero for whatever reasons – their own glory, they are too evil or they really couldn’t be bothered with the role of the spandex clad caped crusader!

Movies.ie is proud to present seven not so super super heroes!




What’s big blue and really bad at being evil? Well if you were at the cinema in the last few months chances are you couldn’t miss this guy, Megamind. Arch enemy to Metroman and scourge of the city, this cerulean villain will stop at nothing until he reigns supreme over his rival, that is until he accidentally kills him and now finds himself having to fill the shoes of one the worlds greatest heroes. Saving damsels in distress, outsmarting criminals and bringing down his toughest adversary to date, it’s tough being a villain with a heart of blue gold!


The Punisher

Justice is delivered in one of Marvel’s least successful comic to movie crossovers to date. The Punisher is a man who has no qualms in dishing out the pain and death to those who are deserving of their bloody fate. So while he has the right intentions his means in achieving good and virtue are often deemed too excessive, not everyone agrees on crashing a mansion and slaughtering everyone sat around the dinner table.


Dr Manhattan


Our second big blue hero, Dr. Manhattan was once the physicist Dr. Jonathan Osterman but after an accident in which he was disintegrated by an Intrinsic Field Subtractor he became a being of immense power. His transformation did more than grant him super powers he became something more than human and while at first his actions seem somewhat cold towards his former species, in the end his actions however callous were all for the better of mankind, it just took him wiping out millions of innocents to do so.
In the film adaptation of Alan Moore’s ‘Watchmen’ he is portrayed by Billy Crudup.




Everyone’s least favourite Hogwarts teacher, professor Snape is often portrayed as an antagonist in the Harry Potter series. Constantly testing Harry and his friends at every turn and unscrupulous in his dishing out of punishments to those who step out of line. He has a passion and ambition to become the teacher of Protection Against the Dark Arts but time after time he is overlooked by the headmaster. Throughout the series we’ve watched as snippets of the real Snape have crept out, a tough life teased by Potter’s father didn’t help but his attempts to protect and guide Harry and co. have not gone unnoticed.




Is it some sort of conspiracy that any blue comic book character must be some sort of anti-hero or villain turned good guy? Well in Mystique’s case she just about qualifies for the title of hero and we’re still not sure if she technically does. After she protects her mentor and friend, Magneto, from being shot by an apparent cure for the mutant gene, she herself is spurned by the Master of Magnetism having lost her powers. The curvy queen of shapeshifting however soon gets her own back on the villain by handing over his secrets and location to the US Authorities, so while she might have done it out of spite it still qualifies as a good deed…. Doesn’t it?





It’s a give away in the name! Having been rescued by a US Occult specialist after Nazis began dabbling in all things satanic and dark, HellBoy became the US government’s official unofficial protector against all things that go bump in the night. However he is not your typical hero, a foul mouth, chain smoking, horned rapscallion with an attitude as big as himself, we learned that HellBoy is proclaimed to turn from being the Guardian of mankind into the bringer of Doom and herald the fall of all humanity. Last time we checked that doesn’t qualify the red devil for an award as a great super hero.




Forget that awful shambles of a movie featuring Halle Berry, we are talking full leather clad, whip cracking, back flipping, man eating, vixen of Gotham City. Michelle Pfeiffer donned the leather to fill the role of Selena Kyle in Tim Burton’s ‘Batman Returns’. After being pushed from a building by her boss, something snaps inside the timid Selena and she finds herself the centre of the attention of Gotham’s leading men, the Penguin and Batman. Not about to settle for just a slice of the cake, Catwoman has her feline eyes set on destroying the Batman and getting her revenge on the man who killed her at any cost. She does however save Batman from his death proving that she might look bad but behind her the leather beats the heart of a good woman.