We bring you the facts about our favourite all-American hero…

1. A hero for the 1940s
Captain America first appeared in 1941 in ‘Captain America Comics #1′ published by Timely Publications, which later became Marvel Comics. Writer Joe Simon said he wrote the name ‘Super American’ at the bottom of a page and it didn’t work… “There were too many ‘Supers’ around” he said in his autobiography, “‘Captain America’ had a good sound to it. There weren’t a lot of captains in comics. It was as easy as that”.

2. Captain At The Movies
The first ever Captain America movie was a black-and-white serial released in 1944. A more modern film was made in 1990 with Matt Salinger playing Captain America, sadly this version wasn’t very well received scoring just 11% on review site Rotten Tomatoes.

3. Drink! Feck! Arse!
Earlier this year fans online were asked to vote on ten classic British and Irish TV shows that would appear in the new CAPTAIN AMERICA movie. Irish websites got behind the campaign and pushed for FATHER TED to be included, earning 12.4% of the vote, losing out to SHERLOCK with 38.51% but miles ahead of MRS BROWN’S BOYS with 1.94%.

4. The Karate Kid
For CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER Chris Evans had to learn a mixture of Parkour, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, karate and boxing. Filmmakers believed that bringing Steve Rogers into the modern day also meant that he had studied and mastered modern fighting styles and techniques.

5. New Threads
Since Captain America is working in special ops in the new film, it was only logical that he would not be wearing a target on his chest when on clandestine missions. So the filmmakers opted for a new stealth suit with a Kevlar-based ballistic component that would protect Captain America but at the same time function like a military uniform.

6. Special Effects
Unlike other films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER minimizes the use of visual effects as much as possible. Anthony Mackie (aka Falcon), elaborated: “They wanted to stay with live action, which is a dying art form…If they could build it, they built it. If we could do it, we did it. They wanted to do as little CGI as possible. That’s why the movie looks so great.”

7. Falcon
The Falcon was the first African American superhero in mainstream comics, and has partnered with Captain America numerous times since his debut in 1969. His wings – part of a high-powered flight harness – can also be used in combat to attack or ensnare foes. His appearance in the movie is more close to his Ultimate Comics counterpart, incorporating a lot of real-world webbing, straps and gear rather than his original red and white costume.

8. Up, Up And Away
Anthony Mackie did quite a bit of wirework flying as Falcon. Stunt coordinators would fly him 70 feet up in the air and land him precisely on a little tape mark so he could walk right out of the wires and into the scene.

9. Deleted Scene
A deleted scene from 2012’s AVENGERS ASSEMBLE, of Steve learning what happened to his commandos, and to Peggy Carter ended up being cut out from that film, but is included in this film.

10. When Can I See It?
CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER hits Irish cinemas on March 26th