Win Bee Movie DVD

In a parallel universe featuring a cast of owls and magic transformations, a young barn owl is pushed out of his family’s nest by his older brother and then rescued by agents from a mysterious school for orphaned owls.

Honey is very funny in DreamWorks sweetest new animated smash hit, Bee Movie, which makes its buzz-worthy debut this week. Bee Movie, written, produced and starring world-renowned comedian Jerry Seinfeld, took audiences by swarm, earning over $274 million in worldwide box office and garnering Golden Globe, Annie and Critics Choice Award nominations for Best Animated Feature Film.  Seinfeld, voices Barry B. Benson, an ambitious young worker bee who soars out into the world in search of nectar and adventure.  With the help of his new friends, Mooseblood the Mosquito, a florist named Vanessa and the high-flying pollen jocks, Barry sets off an un-bee-lievable chain of events that prove even a little bee can make a big difference!

We have 5 copies of the DVD up for grabs… To try your luck, check out this film still and leave a caption in the comment area below.

The best captions will win a copy of the DVD, so get posting!
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