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The Flag

THE FLAG (Ireland/12A/85mins) Directed by Declan Recks. Starring Pat Shortt, Moe Dunford, Simone Kirby, Ruth Bradley, Brian Gleeson. THE PLOT: Harry (Pat Shortt) is having a run of bad luck; first he gets f...


PURSUIT (Ireland/15A/95mins) Directed by Paul Mercier. Starring Liam Cunningham, Brendan Gleeson, Ruth Bradley, Barry Ward, Don Wycherley. THE PLOT: Based on the Irish folk tale of Diarmuid and Gráinne, Pursuit is the story of Gráinne (Ruth Bradley), who is ...

PURSUIT – Trailer for Irish Crime Thriller

Once upon a time, there was a princess who sang in the forest until she could sing no more. Her father was a king who was feared but never loved. And it made him angry. For it was Fionn, his appointed chief...