2.0Anna Friel shines!

Tomato Red

TOMATO RED (Canada | Ireland/UC/112mins) Directed by Juanita Wilson. Starring Julia Garner, Jake Weary, Anna Friel, Nick Roux, Douglas M. Griffin THE PLOT: Sammy (Jake Weary) is fresh out of jail and looking ...
5.0Witty and smart


GRANDMA (USA/16/19mins) Directed by Paul Weitz. Starring Lily Tomlin, Jedy greer, Marcia Gay Harden, Julia Garner, Laverne Cox THE PLOT: After her girlfriend of four months breaks up with her, Elle’s (Lily To...

Trailer for GRANDMA Starring Lily Tomlin and Julia Garner

Elle Reid has just gotten through breaking up with her girlfriend when her granddaughter Sage unexpectedly shows up needing 600 dollars before sundown. Temporarily broke, Grandma Elle and Sage spend the day trying to get their hands on the cash as their unanno...