Peter Pan Musical QA

The Peter Pan musical is coming to Dublin, Daniel Boys answers our never never questions….

The brand new MUSICAL PETER PAN is coming to Dublin’s Grand Canal Theatre for its World Premiere from 15th July – 6th August 2011. The MUSICAL will feature Spectacular flying sequences and stunning visual effects which have never been seen before, both on and off the stage. Daniel Boys has been cast in the title role of PETER PAN, we caught up with him for some questioning…. 

Q: Have you seen any of the Peter Pan movies? How do they compare to this new adaptation? 
I have seen ‘Hook” with Robin Williams and the 2003 movie of Peter Pan. I loved both. I think this musical is a mixture of both of these movies. In our version Peter has grown up a little physically but still has his boyish qualities and he still refuses to grow up. Because it is set in modern day it brings a new lease of life to this beautiful story.

Q: Of all the different Peter Pan films, which do you prefer? 
That’s a tough question! As a I child I loved the Disney movie obviously. Then I was obsessed with ‘Hook’. I remember wanting desperately to be a lost boy and love in Neverland.

Q: Did you pick up any hints or tips by watching Peter Pan films? 
well Robin Williams is such a good actor and his portrayal of Pan grown up is incredible. As an actor in my early 30s I am obviously aware that I am verging on too old for this part so I do think about Williams’ performance a lot. However, I want to make it my own character and I am loving the challenge.

Q: This new version of Peter Pan is described as ‘Gravity Defying’ – what can you tell us about it?
Gravity defying huh? This worries me slightly as I’ll be the one defying gravity! The flying sequences are going to be spectacular. Really stunning technology – I cannot wait. This is a Peter Pan for the modern day. It is set now but still manages to keep all the magic and charm of JM Barrie’s world. With a beautiful new score, it really is going to be wonderful.


Q: Tell us about the songs in the musical?
The score is stunning! Robert Scott has written some beautiful songs. They are a joy to sing and are truly spine tingling. The main theme Never Stop Telling The Story has such a lovely melody and you will leave the theatre humming it.

Q: What was the last movie you saw? (either in cinema, video, DVD or TV)
The last movie I saw was The King’s Speech on my flight home from Australia. Wow what a great movie. Colin Firth certainly deserves all the praise and awards he has received. And I just found out that my voice teacher from drama school was the vocal coach to Colin. Cool huh?



Q: What is your favourite Irish movie and why?
It has to be the Commitments for me. The music, the feel-good factor, the era. It was basically a musical film and I loved that. They should do a stage adaptation.

Q: What is your favourite movie of all time?
I really don’t have one. There are too many movies that have inspired, moved or influenced me over the years. I have an eclectic taste in movies. Drama, comedy, horror and good old rom coms.

Q: What movie could you never sit through again? (How come?)
I recently watched Frozen on DVD. I wouldn’t wish anyone to sit through that movie – ever. It’s terrible.

Q: Have you ever cried during a movie? Which one?
The Notebook. I sobbed! It really moved me and reminded me of my grandparents who were married for 70 years.

Q: The First Movie You Ever Saw In A Cinema?
I think it was Honey I’ve Shrunk the Kids. I was terrified of the giant ant. Oh and Jaws 4 I seem to remember too. I was so scared. It’s made me have a fear of the sea for life.

Q: What Movie Do You Wish They’d Make A Sequel To?
(Or The TV Show You Wish They’d turn into a Movie?)
I’m a massive fan of Brothers And Sisters so a movie of that would be great.

Q: Favourite movie snack?
I love sweet and salted popcorn together, mixed. Each bite is a different taste. Love it!

Q: Favourite TV programme?
Brothers and Sisters or Greys Anatomy. They are both full of great characters and very tense and gripping story lines.

Q: Who would play you in the movie adaptation of your life?
Matt Damon. I’ve been told we look like each other. And he’s not a bad actor either.

PETER PAN opens on July 15th