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Aaron, a respectable butcher in Jerusalem’s ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, is married to Rivka and is a dedicated father of four children. One day he meets Ezri, a twenty-two-year-old handsome student, and soon falls in love with him. He begins to neglect his family and community life, swept away by his love and lust for Ezri. Guilt, torment and pressure from the community force him to make a difficult decision about his lifestyle.

So you fancy yourself a film buff? Prove it!


We have tickets to give away for the upcoming Irish Premiere of Martin Scorsese’s Rolling Stones documentary ‘Shine A Light’. 


The film is an access-all-areas pass to the Rolling Stones with previously unreleased archive material.  ‘Shine A Light’ is an unforgettable film from one of the world’s greatest living directors and an exceptional document of the ultimate rock and roll band. See for yourself!



You won’t just be attending any regular screening. The Rolling Stones themselves will be beamed live from London’s Leicester Square to your screen in Cineworld Dublin. This is your chance to celebrating the film’s launch with the band itself! You’ll also recieve a limited edition tshirt  to commemorate the occasion.


Winners will attend this special preview screening in Dublin’s Cineworld, April 2nd 7.30. Simply answer our Quiz below. You can submit your answers to


HINT: If you don’t know an answer, you might want to have a look through the website. Good Luck!



(1) An easy one to start – Who is the director of ‘Shine A Light’?

(2) What British actor will play Scotty in J.J Abrams 2009 Summer blockbuster  ‘Star Trek’?

(3) Name the three actors set to replace the late Heath Ledger in his final film ‘The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus’.

 (4) Martin Scorsese is set to director a future biopic about which legendary musican (big hint- check the news section!)

 (5) What Oscar winning film featured the now infamous line ‘I drink your Milkshake’ ?