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The stars of Ugly Betty and Gossip Girl talk about this weekends teen comedy ‘Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants 2’

The original Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants was a moderate success back in 2005 but in the three years that followed two of its stars America Ferrera and Blake Lively have gone on to find worldwide fame thanks to their roles on TV. America plays Betty in the hit ABC show ‘Ugly Betty’, while Blake plays Serena Van Der Woodsen in teen phenomenon ‘Gossip Girl’. Here the girls talk about their TV shows and blossoming movie careers.

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Welcome girls! Do you see the Sisterhood as role models for young women?


AF: I’d say yes, that girls
look up to every single one of us, and love us. And I think they did a
wonderful job finding kinda normal great girls to do this.


And now I think that being
in each other’s lives, if any of us dared to be ridiculous, we
would…get a lot of phone calls! Like, what are you doing! I don’t
think we would let each other do that.



So if you don’t like getting into trouble, what do you like to do in your free time?


AF: I don’t really have any
free time. And what I love to do is work. I know that sounds crazy! But
I love just exploring things, through the creative path I’ve already
decided to take.


Other than that, I walk my
dogs. And watch movies. And…listen to my i-Pod! I really don’t know
what else to say, I’m not a very interesting person! So…



Now just between us, can you say what will be coming up on your shows ‘Ugly Betty’ and ‘Gossip Girl’?


AF: Um…I really don’t know
what I’m allowed to say! We move to NY. And there will be a lot of NY.
It’ll be like wow, they’re in NY. And Pat Field is on the show again,
she’s designing our show.


And Betty has some very
interesting costumes, that are really fun to wear. And the fashion is
taken to a new level of daring. So that’ll be really fun, the fashion


BL: I don’t really know what
I’m allowed to say either, but…I’ll tell you anyway. Just between us!
You know, we start back at the Hamptons, it’s a recap of our summer.
And a lot of the relationships that were set up at the end of the last
season, they’re misleading.


But we have new characters
coming in, just from the beginning. And they’re messing everything up.
You know, everyone’s dating everyone, and sleeping with everyone.
There’s lots of scandalous stuff happening.
There’s so much
happening. And even reading the episodes, I’m shocked. Even I was like,
oh my goodness, I can’t believe it. So we’re definitely more
scandalous. And juicy. And more of what people love about the show.



How are you with watching yourself on the screen?


BL: I get really shy
watching myself in a movie. Even if I’m with my family or friends. I
just want to hide! And in this movie, I felt my worst scenes were with
my father. Because it felt so strange to be working alongside him.



What was bad about that?


BL: Yelling at him! Because
you can’t yell at him. He’d just give you a big teddy bear hug. But it
was really an honor to have him be there, and I don’t know when we’ll
get to do that again.


He’s the first one in our
family who got into this business, and I never wanted to be in it. But
it’s just nice that we get to be on the screen together. He’s just so
weird and shy. But I thought he was so great and touching. And I hope I
didn’t go mess up his scenes!



What is it that keeps you grounded, and away from being all those girls gone wild celebrities yourself?


AF: The ground! I just want
to…work! I just want to do my job, and I love what I do. And I have
way too much respect for the work, to ever jeopardize that, you know?
And I just don’t know who has the time to get in trouble. Because I
don’t have the time!


BL: I just think for too
many people, it becomes a way of life instead of a job. And my whole
family is in this business, I grew up with that mindset. So I think
that’s the thing for me.


It’s just like at the end of
the day, I want to go to dinner. And like watch a movie. I don’t want
to go to a club and…not wear panties!



Can you reveal what Jesse Williams was wearing when he dropped his drawers in the movie?

AF: Some underwear, I’m sure!


Speaking of clothes or the lack of them, is your own fashion sense anything like the characters you play?

BL: Well Bridget is like
Indiana Jones, and I don’t dress like that. And I don’t wear soccer
outfits. So mine is very different. That was an easy answer for me!
Yeah, I was like Indiana
Jones in this movie, and that’s crazy for me. You know, those swooping
hats. It was awesome. But I dress a little different than that.


AF: Yeah, clothing is a big
part of self-expression when you’re that age. And for Carmen, we kind
of wanted to show her climbing into a shell, or a cocoon.


And so early on, she’s
layered. She’s wearing sweaters, and trying to put more distance
between her and the world. She’s just trying to hide in all of that.


And then in the end, when
she emerges, she’s in that amazing Shakespearean period costume. Which
I just took home and look at, while I’m watching television. That isn’t
funny. I don’t do that!


But I personally feel like
I’m truly not in my character, until I get into their wardrobe. And get
in the clothes they’re wearing, to know what they’re feeling.


How did you feel about getting the guy in this Sisterhood?


AF: She is a very different
character in this movie. You catch up with her where she’s kinda sick
of being the glue that holds the Sisterhood together. And I liked that
she was struggling through something, and was forced to do it on her
own. Which I think is her journey in growing up.


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