Fact File Elijah Wood

Ten Things You Never Knew About Elijah Wood

Frodo is back but not in the Shire (not even in the undying lands…), he’s landed in the UK for ‘The Oxford Murders’. In it, a professor (John Hurt) and a grad student (Wood) work together in Oxford University to try and stop a potential series of murders seemingly linked by mathematical symbols.. But what do you really know about the former Hobbit? Movies.ie gives you a guide to all things Elijah Wood.

(1) Wood was born January 28th 1981, in Iowa, USA. His parents’ names are Warren and Debbie Wood. Elijah has an older brother Zachariah (b. 1974) who works in video games and a younger sister Hannah Wood (born 7th October 1983).

(2) He heard about the Lord of the Rings trilogy while filming The Faculty.  Director George Huang, a personal friend of Wood’s, filmed his audition tape. He shot the scene from different angles which were cut together for the video. They sent the video off to New Zealand for director Peter Jackson and a few months later, he got the part.

(3 )Owns one of two prop rings used in “Lord of the Rings.” The other went to Andy Serkis, who played Gollum.

(4)Admits to owning thousands of CDs in many musical genres, because he loves music so much. In 2005, he started his own record label, Simian Records

(5) His favorite music groups include Smashing Pumpkins, The Stone Roses, The Beatles, The Sundays, Black Sabbath and Verbena.
(6) Wood’s his first break was a small role in a video by Paula Abdul – “Forever Your Girl,” directed by David Fincher.

(7)Two of his favorite books are “The Hobbit” and “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.”

(8)His favorite movie is Harvey (1950).

(9) He dressed up and rode on a float as the god of wine and mirth to head the Bacchus 2004 parade in New Orleans, Louisiana, for Mardi Gras in February, 2004.

(10)Each of the nine Fellowship members got the same tattoo: the number nine written in Elvish. Elijah’s is on his pelvic bone on the right side.

See Elijah Wood in ‘The Oxford Murders’, in Irish cinemas from Friday, April 25th. (You can check out the trailer below)