Zack Snyder To Develop Games

Watchmen’s helmer learns to play…

Zack Snyder (upcoming Watchmen, 300) has signed a deal to develop three original games for Electronic Arts.


Snyder will work with EA’s Los Angeles studio in Playa Vista to produce his games. EA will own the intellectual properties, but under the deal the publisher may turn some or all of them into films that will be produced by Snyder’s Cruel & Unusual Films banner, which is run by the director with co-president Deborah Snyder and producer Wesley Coller.


“Zack Snyder has a fresh and bold creative style that resonates with our core audience,” EA Games label president Frank Gibeau said in a statement.


Snyder is joining a small group of Hollywood helmers who produce video games that aren’t adaptation of their own films, including Steven Spielberg, John Woo and Peter Jackson.