XFiles Update

Set during the summer after they graduate from high school, two ultra-hip friends, Enid and Becky fear drifting apart when Enid considers moving across the country to attend college. When Enid develops an attraction to offbeat Seymour and Becky sets her sights on Josh – on whom both girls have a crush – their friendship is forever changed.

Actress Gillian Anderson has spoken about returning to her most famous role: Dana Scully.  After six years away from the project Anderson has noted that she found it tough to reprise her most famous role for the forthcoming X-Files movie.  She says, “I expected to get back into Scully like flipping on a light switch but it’s taken a lot more effort.”


Little information has been released about the forthcoming as-yet-untitled film, a follow-up to the series’ first big-screen outing in 1998. At last week’s WonderCon, co-writer/director Chris Carter, and co-writer Frank Spotnitz debuted footage from the up-coming film. The footage features dozens of FBI agents walking across the snow poking at the ground. Meanwhile a frantic Billy Connelly rushes in front and chants, “It’s here…! It’s here…!” It all sounds very vague; it all sounds very X-Files.


The film is expected to hit Irish cinemas later this year.