World War Z Talk

J. Michael Straczynski Talks World War Z

Screenwriter J. Michael Straczynski has revealed his plans for an epic scale zombie movie.

Straczynski is currently adaptating the best stelling Max Brooks novel “World War Z”, which will be helmed by Marc Forster (Quantum of Solace).

The novel is a detailed tale in which a researcher for the U.N. Postwar Commission interviews survivors from countries all over the world, 10 years after a worldwide infestation of flesh-eating zombies, to gather a first-person post-mortem on a war that obliterated every country on the map.

“We talk about it as a thriller, the closest comparison being ‘The Bourne Identity,'” explained Straczynski, “Most zombie movies to this point have been small, focusing on a few people in a house. And this has got real scare. You’re in India with hundreds of boats trying to get out of there with a tidal wave of zombies. The scale of what we’re doing here is phenomenal.”