Win Tropic Thunder on DVD

Win a copy of Ben Stiller’s epic war comedy ‘Tropic Thunder’ on DVD!

‘Tropic Thunder’ the turbocharged comedic masterpiece that takes no
prisoners deploys on Blu-ray & DVD on January 22 2009 and we’ve got
copies up for grabs.

In an all-star cast, Stiller joins Robert Downey Jr. and Jack
Black as the motley film crew who set out to make the biggest war movie
ever. But after huge budget overruns and a tantrum from the studio head
(an unrecognisable Tom Cruise), the hapless English director (Steve
Coogan) decides what the film needs is a lot more realism. So, he
plunks his all-male cast deep down into the jungles of Southeast Asia
for some on-the-spot boot camp training. What starts out, as an
exercise turns disastrous when they encounter REAL enemy warriors
trying to do them in…

To celebrate the release of ‘Tropic Thunder’, has copies of the DVD to giveaway.


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‘Tropic Thunder’ is out now on DVD and Blu-ray.