Watch Before Viewing Lakeview Terrace

It’s not easy to ‘Love Thy Neightbour’ in Neil LaBute’s Lakeview Terrace. To celebrate its release, we take a look at some of Hollywood’s other neighbours from hell.

Samuel L. Jackson is back in cinemas this Friday with Lakeview Terrace, in which he plays the role of a racist copper living in suburban LA. To celebrate the release of the film, here’s a look at some of Hollywood’s neighbours from hell.

You think your neighbours are bad? Not compared to these. From terrorists, to robots, to a seemingly harmless little old lady, these movie neighbours should certainly make you more grateful of the ones you have…



Stepford Wives (2004)


Your home is beautiful, your neighbourhood meticulously maintained and your neighbours are always happy and impeccably well-dressed spending their days lounging at the spa or men’s club… Sounds perfect until you find out they’re all robots and about to turn you into one too!




Arlington Road (1999)


A widower enjoys getting to know the family that just moved in next door before discovering the seemingly normal, fun, caring neighbours are actually terrorists who can’t allow him to live knowing their secret.



Rosemary’s Baby (1968)


After moving into an apartment with an unsettling and mysterious past Rosemary ends up being tricked by her husband and Satan-worshipping neighbours, ultimately giving birth to the spawn of Satan.



Disturbia (2007)


A person has a lot of free time to spy on neighbours when they’re put on house arrest. For Kale Brecht this means watching as his suspicious new neighbour turns out to be a vicious serial killer and about to frame Kale for his next murder in this modern-day Rear Window.




Beetlejuice (1988)


A family has to deal with an interesting welcoming committee after moving into a new house. The “neighbours”, a deceased couple whose spirits try to kick out the new owners of their house, try everything they can to scare the poor family away.


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