War Monkeys

Get Ready for the ‘War Monkeys’!!!

Kevin Munroe (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ’07) is in negotiations to direct the horror movie ‘War Monkeys.’

Based on a story by Chris Patton, the story follows two guys trapped in an underground research facility with military-trained Rhesus monkeys.

Munroe describes the project as “an older, meaner brother of [an] Amblin [production]. It’s real horror with real scary elements. You’ve got real monsters here with the monkeys. But the characters are a modern day Abbott and Costello. In the same vein of Shaun of the Dead but scarier.”

Munroe is working with Cleve Nettles on another draft of script. War Monkeys will be the first film produced under a new unnamed production company he’s spearheading with Patton and Robert Sanchez.