War Heroes becoming a film

‘Wanted’ creator Mark Millar talks about a possible War Heroes movie.

‘Wanted’ comic creator Mark Millar has revealed that he has had two offers for the film rights for new book ‘War Heroes’.

He told reporters that War Heroes, a comic described as ‘Full Metal Jacket’ meets ‘X-Men’, could soon be turned into a film.

Talking about the storyline, he said: “It’s set a couple of years in the future. John McCain has just won the election and the war in the Gulf is getting bigger, so they give the troops superpower pills. That gets all the young American kids signing up to fight the Iraqis.”

Millar also noted that films based on comic books are in vogue because they offer Hollywood “high concept” ideas.

He said: “What producers do now is snap up material before others can get their hands on it. They’ll buy a project based on just a title, a blurb and an image. And if they smell what the business calls ‘high concept’, they will go into a feeding frenzy.”

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