Vera Farmiga to Join Aaron Eckhart in THE DRUMMER

Biopic of Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson adds Farmiga.

‘Up In The Air’ star Vera Farmiga has signed up to join Aaron Eckhart in the Dennis Wilson biopic ‘The Drummer.’ Variety reports that Farmiga will be taking the role of notable Fleetwood Mac singer-songwriter Christine McVie.

‘The Drummer’ follows six years “in Wilson’s life during which he and McVie sparked a passionate and tumultuous relationship before his death in 1983.” As previously reported, Eckhart is training for the role, learning to play drums and piano as well as training vocally to sing on screen in the picture. Farmiga, who is a classically trained pianist, will have a number of duets with Eckhart in the film.

Fleetwood Mac’s 1982 hit song ‘Hold Me,’ co-written by McVie, was reportedly inspired by her love affair with the Beach Boys drummer.

The biopic is scheduled to being shooting in June with Randy Miller (‘Bottle Shock’) in the director’s chair, helming from a screenplay by his Unclaimed Freight Productions partner Jody Savin.