UNCLE BUCK TV Series In Development

Yet another classic feature goes the TV route…

The folks over at Deadline are hearing that American TV network ABC is looking to bring the John Candy classic ‘Uncle Buck’ to the small screen.

Directed by the legendary John Hughes, the 1989 comedy starred Candy as the ultimate bachelor, Buck, who must babysit his brother’s rebellions teenage daughter and her younger brother and sister.

Steven Cragg and Brian Bradley will write the new take on the comedy, with the half-hour, multi-camera series assuming similar concepts to the original plotline.

‘Uncle Buck’ was previously adapted as a TV series in 1990, with Kevin Meaney in the title role.

The series last one season. The project joins a slew of other classic films getting the TV treatment – ‘Real Genius,’ based on the 1985 film starring Val Kilmer; ‘Problem Child,’ and most recently ‘Big,’ based on the Tom Hank film. A small screen adaptation of Cameron Crowe’s 1989 romantic tale ‘Say Anything’ was announced earlier this week but was quickly shelved after Crowe and star John Cusack objected to the idea.