Twilight Saga – Everything you need to know about the final Twilight films

Twilight: The Saga So Far…

Unless you have been living under a rock (or hiding away underneath one), you will know that Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight saga have been amongst the highest grossing books and films over the past few years. The books are devoured by fans in a frenzy that hasn’t been seen since the glory days of the Harry Potter books and the movie franchise has proven to be an even bigger hit. 

Some love it, some hate it, but one thing is for sure if you’re not a fan you’re best advised not to enter a cinema next weekend, because there’ll be nothing else showing. (apart from a dud Nicolas Cage movie sneaking in under the radar). Here, Brogen Hayes looks at the Twilight highlights so far so you can remind yourself of the goings on so far. 

Movie One : Twilight

After her mother remarries, 17-year-old Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) moves from Phoenix, Arizona to live with her father in Forks, Washington. When she starts school, she becomes aware of the Cullen family, and is instantly intrigued by one of their number; Edward (Robert Pattinson). Bella has a knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, so it is not long before Edward saves her from an out of control car and, in doing so, displays super-human strength.

Bella learns from family friend Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) thatNative American Quileute legends name the Cullen family as vampires. Edward eventually admits this to be the truth, although the family only drink animal blood. Rather than being repulsed, Bella finds herself falling in love with this super-human being who can run at incredible speeds and sparkles in the sunlight. Although Edward warns Bella against being with him – as the scent of her blood is intoxicating to him – she forms a strong bond with him and his vampire ‘family’. On a Cullen family outing, Bella is targeted by James (Cam Gigandet), a merciless vampire so tracks and hunts humans for sport. Edward and his family save Bella and destroy James, but this is far from the end.


New Moon

New Moon opens on Bella’s 18th birthday party that the Cullen family has thrown for her. While opening her gifts, Bella gets a small paper cut. Jasper (Jackson Rathbone) loses control and lunges for Bella; once again, Edward has to protect her. After this, The Cullen family leaves town and Edward breaks up with Bella in a misguided attempt to protect her.
Bella falls into a deep depression that she is only roused from when she realises that if she wilfully puts herself in danger, she can hear Edward talking to her. To further this attempt to hear Edward’s voice, Bella asks Jacob Black to repair two motorcycles and teach her to drive them. Jacob and Bella grow very close, but when he admits feelings for her, Bella does not reciprocate. While out walking, Bella is attacked by Laurent (Edi Gathegi) – a vampire – who warns her that Victoria (Rachelle Lefevre) is seeking revenge for the death of her mate, James. Bella is saved from Laurent by a pack of wolves, who she later learns are Jacob and his friends; they are shape shifters who assume wolf form to protect human from vampires.
Bella is still consumed with Edward and, in a last attempt to hear him speak to her, she dives off a cliff. Jacob saves her from drowning as Edward’s sister Alice (Ashley Greene) returns to Forks. Edward believes Bella has died and has gone to the highest power in the vampire world – the Volturi – to request they destroy him. Alice and Bella race around the world to save Edward, and come face to face with the Volturi who are unhappy that Bella knows about their existence. The Volturi order that she either be killed or transformed in a vampire; an outcome that Bella has wanted for herself all along. Edward reluctantly agrees to change her, but only if she marries him first.



Edward and Bella are still in love, but still at odds with one another. Edward is reluctant to change Bella into a vampire as he believes vampires have no soul and he would be damning her for all time. Bella, on the other hand, is opposed to marrying so young as her parents were childhood sweethearts, but since divorced.

Victoria (Bryce Dallas Howard) has raised a vampire army in Seattle with the single aim to destroy Bella as revenge for James’s death. The Cullens strike a temporary truce with the wolf pack to counter this threat. The night before the battle, Bella kisses Jacob – despite her engagement to Edward – andrealises that she loves him as well. During the battle, Edward destroys Victoria and the threat to Bella. The Volturi arrive as the battle is ended; and Edward has destroyed Victoria. They came to ensure that Bella had been made vampire, and are interested that she has not, even though the date has been set. In the end, Bella realises that while she loves both Edward and Jacob, Edward is the most important person in her life and agrees to tell her father about their engagement. 



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Breaking Dawn Part 1 is released in Irish cinemas on November 18th.