TROLLHUNTER Director Planning ENORMOUS Adaptation

Multi-tiered adaptation in the works.

Norwegian director André Øvredal (‘Trollhunter,’ ‘Future Murder’) and producer Adrian Askarieh (‘Hitman’) are teaming up develop an adaptation of Tim Daniel and Mehdi Cheggour’s monster apocalyptic graphic novel ‘Enormous.’

Published earlier this year by Image Comics under its Shadowline imprint, ‘Enormous’ tells of how mankind has fallen to the bottom of the food chain following a vast ecological cataclysm that has spawned ‘the enormous,’ colossal beasts unlike anything ever witnessed. “In the midst of this struggle against annihilation, a young woman who has lost everything, Ellen Grace, braves the rubble-strewn streets to find lost children and bring them to a safe place. However, she soon finds that there is another enemy just as dangerous as the megafauna: other humans.”

According to Heat Vision, Øvredal and Askarieh are planning to adapt the property into a high-end digital Web series, a TV show and a feature film in a bid to tell the story and explore how humans react and cope with survival from multiple perspectives from around the planet.

The duo are looking to create a tone akin to ‘Cloverfield’ and ‘The Walking Dead.’