Top Ten Star Wars Scenes

With ‘The Clone Wars’ in cinemas from Friday, we look back at ten of our favourite scenes from A Galaxy Far Far Away.

With six feature films picking our ten favourite scenes from A Galaxy Far Far Away is  no easy feat. In fact, we could easily make this a top 50, nay, 100,but after much thought, and 14 hours of Star Wars (at least 8 of which amazing) we’ve managed to whittle it down to ten classic Star War scenes.

Rest assured, Jar Jar is nowhere to be seen:




In the carbonite freezing chamber on Bespin, Princess Leia professes her love to Han Solo with the line, “I Love You”. Thankfully things don’t get too soppy with Han responding “I know’. The man is too cool (especially when frozen in carbonite).



Is it the ultimate act of girl power or erotic asphyxiation gone wrong? Either way, there are worse ways to go than dying at the hands of the golden bikini clad Princess Leia (Skip to 4.20 in to see her choking the misogynistic Jabba the Hutt with her chained leash- burn that metaphorical bra!).




You’ll find few entries from the more recent Star Wars trilogy, but Lucas’ decision to have Yoda finally pick up a lightsaber deserves its place. Even watching the Youtube vid below, a clip of Yoda going head to – well basically- knee with Count Dooku in lair on Geonosis, we  got goosebumps!


The infamous Death Star trench, a scene as famous in the movie as it is in Star Wars spinoff games. Han and Chewbacca return unexpectedly in the Millennium Falcon and blast a path for Luke to get off his shot to destroy the first Death Star. After letting out a whoop, Han delivers the memorable line, “You’re all clear kid”. Brilliant.





Han Solo
shoots first and kills Greedo in Chalmun’s Cantina. Then, as he flips some credits to Wuher the bartender, he casually
delivers the line, “Sorry about the mess”.
It’s the climax to an
incredible bar scene in Mos Eisley, where we are treated to the strangest
creatures ever seen on screen since the Corr sisters




Not exactly a scene per se, but the Star Wars intro is without question one of the most iconic/spoofed credit scenes in film history; you could (until recently) even make your own Star Wars crawl! Check it out in the video below.



The Imperial ground assault on the Rebel base on Hoth is certainly one of the most exciting action sequences in the whole Star Wars franchise. It happens surprisingly quite early in Empire Strikes Back, and the effects (just about) hold up to today’s standards.


Darth Vader Force chokes Admiral Motti to near death in a meeting of top Imperials in a conference room on the Death Star. He delivers the line, “I find your lack of faith disturbing,” to Motti’s open defiance of Vader’s adherence to the Force. An early glimpse at just how bad ass Vader is.  His calm demeanor during the entire scene will turn your blood cold.


It’s a cliché, no wait, it’s a classic! The moment of truth behind the entire Star Wars franchise. Darth Vader reveals to Luke Skywalker, “…I am your father,” while Luke dangles precariously over a seemingly bottomless chasm on Bespin. Who said you can’t have a soap opera in space?



In the end, everything comes down to those silly little carebear-esque Evoks. George Lucas created them because he wanted Return of the Jedi to feature a tribe of primitive creatures that bring down the technological Empire, which they occomplished in all their cutsie glory!




What’s your favourite Star Wars scene. Will you be adding The Clone Wars to your top ten? Don’t forget to review Star Wars: The Clone Wars here and be in with a chance to win a copy of Soul Calibur IV.




Star Wars: THe Clone Wars opens in Irish cinemas August 15th.