Top earners of 2008 revealed

The highest grossing movies at the Irish box office have been announced…

We recently revealed your list of favourite movies from our 2008 movie poll but highly rated movies don’t necessarily translate into box office gold. Neilsen have released the highest grossing movies at the Irish box office from Jan 1st – Dec 21st 2008.

The two biggest movies by miles are Mamma Mia! and The Dark Knight, both of which brought in over six million euro each.

The full top ten and their Irish box office gross in Euro is listed below.

                                   Year Total
1 Mamma Mia!              6,373,000
2 The Dark Knight         6,273,000
3 Quantum of Solace     4,257,000
4 Sex and the City         4,142,000
5 Indiana Jones            3,644,000
6 Kung Fu Panda           3,127,000
7 In Bruges                  3,036,000
8 Hancock                    2,895,000
9 High School Musical 3  2,775,000
10 Wall-E                     2,242,000