Top Dog The Fido Awards

It’s a dog eat dog world at this year’s Fido Awards – recognising the canine contribute to the world of cinema…

If you can’t wait for Award season and you’re partial to  dog shows, there’s a new event that’s just about perfect for you: the Fido Awards.

Now in it’s second year The Fidos – For Incredible Dogs on Screen – are dedicated to celebrating the finest cinematic contributions by a canine.

The event is the brainchild of journalist Toby Rose, who organises the prestigious Palm Dog Award at the Cannes Film Festival, now in its eighth year. “The inspiration for the Palm Dog was Mutt, my wonderful fox terrier who charmed the stars over the years when I went interviewing. He had true star quality,” says Rose. “The Fidos were the natural successor to the Palm Dog,” he adds. “The Palm Dog is restricted to films screened during the frantic two weeks of Cannes. The Fidos allow for a wider net to be cast.”


This year’s hot contenders included a pair of hunting dogs from the Keira Knightley period pic “The Duchess”, Samantha’s Yorkshire terrier in “Sex and the City”, Will Smith’s German shepherd in “I am Legend” among many more! You can check out all the winners at


And if that’s not enough to get you barking at your monitors, we’ve also got a list of top ten onscreen canine performances. Enjoy!





Best in Show, 2000

Five show
dogs, their owners and handlers head for the Mayflower Kennel Club Dog
Show in this hilarious mockumentary.


2. Old Yeller, 1957

A Walt Disney classic about a poor 1860s Texas family and the dog who loved them. Be warned – it’s a weepy!


3. Lassie Come Home, 1943

The first in a series of adventures: Lassie is cast out by her destitute family, but won’t stay, even when her new owner’s granddaughter is Elizabeth Taylor.


4. Rin Tin Tin, 1954

Rin Tin Tin and descendants starred in 48 movies between 1922 to 1954. Top film moment came in the 1954 adventure Rin Tin Tin Hero of the West.


5. Legally Blonde 2 2003

Legendary chihuahua Bruiser gets his own Bill in Congress after Reese Witherspoon discovers his mother is being used for cosmetic testing. Bruiser becomes a gay icon after coming out with a rottweiller named Leslie.


6. The Wizard of Oz, 1939

When a neighbour tries to have her dog put to sleep, Dorothy takes Toto and heads into a cyclone. Toto, a Cairn terrier, was paid $125 a week – but it was money well spent. It gave the the Wicked Witch of the West her best line: “I’ll get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too!”


7. Rescued by Rover 1905

This classic British film about a baby being rescued by a dog, was shot on a budget of £7 13s 6d. It marked a key stage in the development of narrative editing.


8. Cujo, 1983

Based on the novel by Stephen King, Cujo is a loveable St Bernard, until he contracts rabies and conducts a reign of terror on a New England town. It all ends nastily for Cujo with a baseball bat…


9. Cats & Dogs, 2001

A war has always been fought in our living rooms between cats and dogs. Butch, Mr Tinkles and Ninja battle it out to see who can control a secret medicine that will either cure dog allergies, or create a more aggressive strain. Dogs are the heroes, cats are the villains. Could it be any other way?


10. Beethoven, 1992

It’s hard to ignore in the canine canon. Beethoven is the puppy that grows into a 185lb St Bernard, escaping the clutches of a dastardly veterinarian en route.