Top 10 Sex And the City Episodes

In honour of ‘Sex And The City’ hitting the big screen, brings you our guide to the best of ‘Sex and the City’.

We said farewell to Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and, of course, Samantha four years ago, but now they’re back for the big screen return of a modern classic.  To prepare you for its triumphant return, we’ve gone through all 94 ‘Sex and the City’ episodes and compiled a list our ten must see ‘Sex and the City episodes’.

(1) Models and Mortals

Sex, fashion, puns- the show’s second episode has it all and  was a sign of things to come; Miranda makes the mistake of going out with a “modelizer” (someone who’s obsessed with models)and Samantha chooses to go out with a modelizer who secretly videotapes his sexual encounters (much to her excitement).

(2) Ex and The City

The end of season two, Mr Big is marrying the 25-year old Natasha and Carrie decides its time to befriend her once great love. In a pivotal scene, the girls commiserated over cocktails, and Carrie realized that she was like the Barbra Streisand character Ka-Ka-Ka-Katie from ‘The Way We Were’. In the final scene, Carrie and Mr Big repeat that famous moment between Katie and Hubbell in ‘The Way We Were’. “Your girl is lovely, Hubbell,” Carrie says. “I don’t get it,” Big replies. Carrie looked at him sadly and said, “And you never did.” A hark back to another girly classic, even Miranda would be in tears…

(3) Boy Girl, Boy Girl

Taking a break from the Big escapades, Carrie dates a 20-something bisexual. The result – a rather uncomfortable lesbian kissing scene between SJP and Alanis Morissette. Well wouldn’t you be uncomfortable kissing Morissette?

(4) Sex and Another City

New York may be the show’s 5th character, but in this two parter the girls are off to L.A., where we meet Buffy’s Sarah Michelle Gellar, a manic Matthew Mcconaughey and, of course, no visit to L.A. would be complete without a trip to the playboy mansion and its infamous grotto. Still our favourite bit: Charlotte learns what a ‘brazilian’ is (and she learns it the hard way!)

(5) The Real Me

Carrie models for Dolce and Gabbana in a New York fashion show. This is Sex and the City at its best. Great music, great fashion and puns galore as Carrie falls flat on the runway, Best line: “Oh my god she’s fashion roadkill!’ as Heidi Klum steps over the fallen writer- classic.

(6) Coulda Woulda Shoulda

It makes the list as a ‘Sex and the City’ shocker. When Miranda learns she’s pregnant with Steve’s baby (mercy fuck), the girls deal with the A word – abortion. A brave move to have two lead characters admitting abortions, the episode deals with the realities of having so much sex in the city.

(7) The Big Journey

Carrie tells the girls that she’s headed to San Francisco for her book tour and that she is desperate to get laid. And well, yes, she just might call upon Big while she’s there. She recruits Samantha to join her on the journey West. Feeling jaded by NY and NY men, Samantha is up for the adventure. The two take to the rails in a fantastic ‘Some Like it Hot’ homage.

(8)Great Sexpectations

Despite their natural chemistry, Carrie and  new boyfriend  Berger are having troubles in the bedroom. Of course Samantha comes to her rescue with this pearl of wisedom; “Fuck me badly once, shame on you. Fuck me badly twice, shame on me.”

(9) The Post It Always Sticks Twice

 The classic episode where Carrie gets dumped by Berger via a Post-It note. Carrie tries to make sense of the situation and take on a laissez-faire attitude about it. The best bit, a stoned Carrie using the post-it as a get out of jail free card with the local police officer.

(10)A Woman’s Right to Shoes

This one’s for all the single gals! Fed up that it’s a married woman’s world out there, Carrie seeks respect from a friend who cannot seem to care that her Manolos go missing. No one should be “shoe-shamed” for the way they choose to live, and Carrie unapologetically seeks compensation for what is rightfully hers.

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