Top 10 Bromance Scenes

Will and John, Tom and Val, Frodo and Sam? counts down ten of the best bromantic scenes in films.

The release of Step Brothers marks the return of the dynamic man-child duo  Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly to our screens. The raucous comedy sees the funny men re-united for the first time since Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby and the results are once again hilarious. Adam McKay’s film sees the two play childish 40 year olds who are forced to grow up, leave the house and get jobs. The duo on screen chemistry is brilliant as you really feel the brotherly love…and hate! This got around to thinking and we decided to have some fun and draw up our top 10 “Bromance Scenes”. So read on and enjoy the most uncomfortable scenes when all those bottled up, testosterone soaked and probably better off repressed male feelings just come out!



(1) BORAT- Naked Wrestling


Arguably the most infamous and memorable scene of Sacha Baron’s Cohen’s comedic masterpiece was this public naked wrestling match. Not exactly as romantic, sweet or awkward as some of the ones below but hey you have to give it to them…were else will you see another mans face pressed against another’s genitals…actually we don’t want to know!!














(2) TOP GUN -The Entire Film


Sometimes words can’t say enough… Ain’t that true Patty Smyth, ain’t that true… Intead, we’ll just leave you with this awesome bromantic homage to ‘Top Gun’…


Oh and for anyone else that wants an in depth psycho-analysis of this movie check out Quentin Tarrantino’s opinion on it…it’s comedy gold!










(3) ANCHORMAN – Champs Meltdown


It’s Anchorman not Anchorlady and that’s a scientific fact! You have to feel for Champ Kind. After Veronica Corningstone joins the Channel Four News team he goes into a full on meltdown where he confesses to Ron that “. I miss being with you, I miss being near you. I miss your laugh. I miss your scent; I miss your musk” Mmm…better sit out the next talk champ!











(4) SUPERBAD- Sleeping Bag Confessions


The sweetest scene in an otherwise filthy gem of a comedy. Hopelessly co-depedent teenagers Seth and Evan discuss how much they will miss each other next year in separate colleges. Sweet, funny and slightly disturbing.












(5)-BASEKETBALL- Full on kiss


What else can you expect from the creators of South Park and Team America! Sadly overlooked upon its release this buddy sports comedy is full of laugh out loud moments but the scene after Coop and Remer reconcile just takes male bonding in sports movies to a whole new level…oh god the tongues!














It’s so hard to pick just one scene from this cult classic but we have opted for the bar scene where Rob, Barry and Dick confide in each other about their romantic anxieties, ideal women and their hatred for Peter Gabriel (well, who doesn’t hate Gabriel???)
















(7)- HOT FUZZ- Some late night DVD’s


In fairness Edgar Wright’s brilliant suburban action is a deliberate send up and homage to the testosterone soaked action films associated with Michael Bay et all but it’s the late night DVD marathon that takes the buddy cop dynamic to a whole new level. Just look at Danny’s lingering look at Nicholas Angel when he says he can’t turn off form work…priceless.











(8) CLERKS 2- The Jail Scene


It’s always been a talent of Kevin Smith to balance gross out humour with touching drama. Nowhere else has he been better than this.














(9) – GOOD WILL HUNTING- If I had your Talent…


Before Damon and Affleck got involved in a love triangle with Jimmy Kimmel…they shared some great on screen moments in their self penned debut smash. Despite being hardened by the tough working area of Boston the moment when Affleck’s Chuckie Sullivan admits that he is jealous of Will’s gift and wants him to do something better with his life is as good as anything they have done since…ahh guys!!

(10) – LORD OF THE RINGS- Frodo and Sam at Rivendell


Let’s face it there was always an undercurrent of something going on in the books but with regards to the films it really came to the front at Rivendell. Merry and Pippin come in and jump on the bed after seeing that Frodo is still alive but Sam lingers by the door and gives THAT look to Frodo…mmm maybe there is more to this employer – gardener relationship than meets the eye?


Words: Paul Moore


Have a bro moment to add? Suggestions, omissions, additions and castrations – all welcome in the comment area below!