The Movie Awards 2007


So grab your ball gown, straighten your bow tie, and take your seats. Please keep your acceptance speeches short and try to hold back the tears.

Best Movie 2007
There were over 250 movies released this year; narrowing them down to a top five wasn’t easy and deciding which one to give top honours to caused us many sleepless nights. However in the end it was ‘Last King Of Scotland’ that delivered the biggest punch. Forest Whitaker is mesmerising in the role of dictator Idi Amin. It’s impossible not to be scared by his dramatic performance. This film will grip you like no other film from 2007 will.

1/ Last King Of Scotland
2/ Atonement
3/ Stardust
4/ Babel
5/ The Bourne Ultimatum

Best Non-Mainstream Movie
Without question, the most engaging arthouse film of the year was German production ‘THE LIVES OF OTHERS’. The movie traces the gradual disillusionment of a Stasi office worker, as he spies on a celebrated writer and actress couple. In close second is ‘Apocalypto’, directed by Hollywood heavyweight Mel Gibson with a budget of millions. It’s not the normal criteria for an arthouse film, however Shot in an ancient language, with a cast of total unknowns, the film is miles away from the usual audience pleasers associated with the director.

1/ The Lives Of Others
2/ Apocalypto
3/ The Science Of Sleep
4/ Inland Empire
5/ Perfume – The Story of a Murderer

Best Trailer/ Teaser
1/ The Fountain
2/ Daywatch
3/ TMNT (Teaser)
4/ Across The Universe (Trailer 2)
5/ Smokin’ Aces

Best Poster/Press Advert
1/ 30 Days Of Night
2/ Shrooms
3/ Simpsons Movie (Cinema Queue Advert)
4/ Planet Terror
5/ Nightmare before Xmas 3d

Best Soundtrack
1/ Sunshine
2/ Atonement
3/ Hairspray
4/ Once
5/ Control

Best Comedy
1/ Blades Of Glory
2/ Superbad
3/ Knocked Up
4/ Death at a funeral
5/ Hot Fuzz

Best Animated Movie
1/ Ratatouille
2/ Shrek 3
3/ The Simpson’s Movie
4/ Meet The Robinsons
5/ The Ugly Duckling and I

Best Irish Themed Movie
1/ Strength And Honour
2/ Once
3/ Garage
4/ Speed Dating
5/ Small Engine Repair

Best Special Effects
1/ 300
2/ Daywatch
3/ Transformers
4/ Beowulf
5/ Hairspray (simply for John Travolta)

Best Hero
1/ Capt Shakespeare (Robert DeNiro) – Stardust
2/ Dumbledore (Michael Gambon) – Harry Potter
3/ Sheriff Oleson (Josh Hartnett) – 30 Days Of Night
4/ Optimus Prime – Transformers
5/ Michael Moore – Sicko

Best Villain
1/ Idi Amin (Forest Whitaker) – Last king of scotland
2/ Willie Bank (Al Pacino) – Oceans 13
3/ Denzel Washington (Frank Lucas) – American Gangster
4/ Barbara Covett (Judi Dench) – Notes on a Scandal
5/ Venom (Topher Grace) – Spider-Man 3

Previous Years Winners
1/ Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
2/ Lost In Translation
3/ The Motorcycle Diaries
4/ 21 Grams
5/ Lord Of The Rings

1/ Closer
2/ Batman Begins
3/ Maria Full Of Grace
4/ The Exorcism Of Emily Rose
5/ The Chorus   

1/ Little Miss Sunshine
2/ The Departed
3/ Borat
4/ Brokeback Mountain
5/ King Kong