Take Back Gotham City With Harvey Dent

Batman’s latest viral campaign kicked off this weekend and we thought we’d bring you a step-by-step guide to what’s on offer from Gotham City.

Last week we brought you the news that the latest ‘Batman: The Dark Knight’ viral campaign was set to kick off, this time concentrating on Harvey Dent (portrayed by ‘Thank You For Smoking’ actor Aaron Eckheart).  Eckheart plays Harvey Dent, Assistant District Attorney of Gotham City and close ally of caped-crusader until a criminal disfigures half of his face with acid. Dent spirals into insanity and two-face is born, the maniacal crime boss who chooses to act for good or evil depending on the flip of a coin.


Over the weekend it seems things heated up for the campaign with updates to the IBelieveInHarveyDent.com website as well as a phone message from Dent himself circulating in the states.



It certainly looks like Warner have put the effort in with a website that rivals most of the current American presidential campaign websites (eat your heart out Hilary, Dent has our vote!)



Here’s a handy breakdown of what to expect when you enter IBIHD.com


















The homepage (screenshot above) reveals a wealth of Dent factoids and ways to get involved with Dent campaign; the ‘What to Do’ section has a list of interesting suggestions:


• Get your friends together and spell out Harvey Dent in human letters
• Get a video of your school’s cheerleading team yelling out chants for Harvey Dent
• Try to cover every square inch of someone’s cubicle area with Harvey Dent posters
• Write and perform a “Take Back Gotham” song
• Make up a “Dent Dance” routine
• See if you can get up a Harvey Dent sign in every single window of your dorm building
• Turn your own car into a “Dentmobile”
• Arrange a Dent parade down Main Street
• Make a human pyramid with other Harvey Dent supporters


The ‘Arrange a Dent parade down Main Street’ might be something to consider over Paddy’s Day weekend!  You can submit any entries you have directly to the site (Deadline: March 26th). 


















Other features on the site include downloadable banners, petitions, and various Dent promotional placards. There is also a tour schedule for the Dentmobile, a campaign bus travelling the States though no dates for the U.S tour have been confirmed.


It seems our American counterparts have all the luck with many Gotham Fans reporting a phone call from a number marked 1-000-000-0000 over the weekend. It was none other than Harvey Dent himself asking for support.  You can hear the pre-recorded message HERE. His message reads as follows:


“Hello, I’m Harvey Dent, Assistant District Attorney of Gotham, and I’m calling to ask for your support. We all know what’s wrong with Gotham. Crime is out of control. And instead of protecting our streets, too many cops have become criminals themselves. This is why my mission has been to stamp out police corruption, and this is why I’m considering a run for district attorney. But I can’t do it alone. I need to know if you, the people of Gotham, want change. Do you want a Gotham free from the grip of criminals and the corrupt? Are you ready to join a crusade to take back our city? If this is a change you desire, if you are fed up with living in fear, go to ibelieveinharveydent.com and see how you can join the struggle to take back our city. I’m ready to fight for Gotham, if you are ready to fight too.”


As of yet, no plot information has been released as to how Two-Face will be revealed in the upcoming movie and we await the release of any images of the Dent’s alter-ego. Will he be likened to Tommy Lee Jones’ Two-face of ‘Batman Forever’ or does director Christopher Nolan have a surprise in store come July 25th, what do you think?