Steve Jobs Biopic in Development

Biopic of the late Apple co-founder up for grabs.

Deadline is reporting that Sony Pictures is close to acquiring the screen rights to a biopic of Apple-co founder and CEO of Pixar Animation Studios Steve Jobs, who passed away last week following his battle with pancreatic cancer.

The movie is based on the upcoming authorized biography by former CNN chairman and Time Magazine managing editor Walter Isaacson. Titled ‘Steve Jobs,’ the book is based on over 40 interviews with the Apple co-founder, conducted over two years, as well as interviews with more than a hundred family members, friends, adversaries, competitors, and colleagues.

Originally set to be published in November by Simon & Schuster, the book had its release date moved up to October 24th. Isaacson previously penned the biographies of Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, and Henry Kissinger.

In 1999, Noah Wyle played Jobs in ‘Pirates of Silicon Valley,’ a TV movie that chronicled the race and rivalry between Apple Computer and Microsoft.