SJP Talks Sex and City 2

No baby Manolos for Carrie?

According to Sarah Jessica Parker, there is a potential storyline AND a start date for  a sequel to the much anticipated summer sensation.

Parker said she and writer/director Michael Patrick King have discussed many potential stories but seem to have found one they agree on, “We’re at the place where…we think we have this story and how do we put this together and are we completely sure that it’s the right thing to do?”

One storyline loyal fans shouldn’t count is one that brings a baby into Carrie’s life. Parker told us, “[Motherhood] doesn’t seem as if that’s going to be a choice she’ll make. It feels a little bit manipulative to toss that into the mix because she seems so pointed in a different direction.”

Asked if the reports of a potential shoot next summer are true and Parker confirmed, “I think it’s a realistic timetable. That’s when we’d start shooting to be out in 2010. But that means we need to figure this out in the next couple of months.”