Shatner Reacts to Enterprise

Check out the Captain Kirk’s Response to the Star Trek Trailer

“Star Trek” star William Shatner has released a video
blog talking about the new U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701 redesign from
J.J. Abrams upcoming Star Trek movie.


Depsite a rumoured feud between William Shatner and J.J. Abrams, Shatner has released his reaction to the new look enterprise and it seems it’s a thumbs up from Kirk! You can check out the transcript and Shatner’s video below:

“I looked at pictures of the new Enterprise, and I have been asked my opinion on the new Enterprise” Shatner said “And to me it looks very much like the old Enterprise, which is terrific. It was a great design, very imaginative design. If the windows are blue or green, if it is up there or down here, it really doen’t matter. What is matter is the shape of the ship, it’s ship-shape. It is very much like it was, and that’s great. Shows that J.J. is in the tradition and holding on to the ideals of construction, which means he is holding on the ideals of Star Trek. So, we wish him well, it will be a terrific show, and to me the ship looks great.”




Star Trek opens in Irish cinemas on 8th May 2009.