Sex and the Speculation

When Vianne, a mysterious stranger, and her child arrive in a tranquil French town in the winter of 1959, nobody could have imagined the impact that she and her spirited daughter would have on this community stubbornly rooted in tradition. Within days, Vianne opens a very unusual chocolate shop, filled with mouth-watering confections, across the square from the church. Her ability to perceive her customers’ private desires and satisfy them with just the right confection coaxes the villagers to abandon themselves to temptation. The resident nobleman and self-appointed leader of the town are shocked that Vianne is tempting the local townspeople with her delicacies. Fearing it will ruin his town, he pits himself against Vianne and tries to forbid anyone from entering her shop, hoping to run her out of town forever. But when another outsider, the handsome Roux, arrives and joins forces with Vianne to liberate the town, a dramatic confrontation arises between those who prefer the ways of the past and those who revel in their newly discovered taste for pleasure.

The revelation by Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon that a principal character will die in the upcoming film has sparked controversy online with many fans and bloggers out to learn who will die this May 30th.


The actress, who reprises her role as Miranda on the big screen, said Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) is left grief-stricken by the tragic events. Speaking of the show she said: “There’s a loss that happens that’s pretty tough. Something significant happens to Carrie, and it really forces her to ask questions that you have to ask about yourself.”


Carrie herself, aka Sarah Jessica Parker, has previously commented that people will be ‘very surprised’ by the outcome.


DISCUSS: Would Carrie’s death (perhaps falling on her own manolos) be the highlight of your summer or has writer-director Michael Patrick King gone too far? Tell us!