Scott Explains Nottingham

Ridley Scott explains Crowe’s ‘Nottingham’ role

Ridley Scott has explained how Russell Crowe will portray both Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham in his medieval epic Nottingham.

Crowe’s casting in both the lead roles had led to misinterpretation, with suggestions that the arrow-wielding outlaw and his nemesis were the same person caught in a split personality battle.

Scott has clarified that Crowe’s Sheriff character assumes the identity of Robin Hood over the course of the movie:

“In the context of the story he starts off as one thing, becomes the guise of another and then has to retire to the forest to resume his name Robin,” he explained. “So he was momentarily the Sheriff of Nottingham.”

Discussing the casting of his Body Of Lies star Mark Strong as Guy of Gisborne, the filmmaker added: “He’s such a good bad guy. He’s going to be horrible, actually, as bad as I can make him. Mark’s a very good horseman and swordsman so we’ll definitely use that.”

Scott also dismissed the idea that the blockbuster’s delay was down to the leaves in the forest locations not being the right colour.

He said: “I really don’t care! I don’t give a s**t whether they’re red leaves or pink leaves.”