Scott and DiCaprio for The Low Dweller

China was in flames when a German businessman became a reluctant hero. When the Imperial Japanese Army invaded China in 1937, attacking the civilian population of the capital Nanking with unprecedented inhumanity, John Rabe, manager of Siemens’ China branch and a resident in the country for 27 years, took action. Along with a few other members of the foreign community including doctors and missionaries who remained in the city, and driven by simple humanitarian concerns, shock at the appalling behaviour of Germany’s Asian ally, and a love for the country and people among whom he had worked for so long, he created a safety zone in which a quarter of a million civilians survived what was later to go down in history as the “Nanking Massacre.”

AICN is reporting that Ridley Scott and Leonardo DiCaprio  are set to collaborate on the upcoming film ‘The Low Dweller’. This script is being touted as a cross between ‘The History of Violence’ and ‘No Country for Old Men’. 


Set in Indiana during the mid-1980s, it centres on a man (DiCaprio) trying to assimilate into society after he’s released from jail. He find’s it difficult when brother is murdered through his involvement in a gambling racket and decides to avenge his brother’s murder.


TIDBIT: Our man Leo was offered the role of the porn star Dirk Diggler in Boogie Nights. Around the same time, he  was reportedly suing Playgirl magazine over plans to publish full frontal nudity pictures of himself. He later declined  the Boogie Nights role due to conflicts shooting Titanic