Sarandon joins Peacock

In order to avenge the murder of one of their own by a gang of ruthless gangsters, four corrupt cops go on a rampage in a condemned building which serves as the mobsters’ hangout. Now trapped, the officers are about to be executed when the unimaginable occurs: hordes of bloodthirsty, cannibalistic creatures invade the building, savagely attacking everyone. Unexpected alliances are made when their lives are threatened by the unthinkable.

A few months back, we brought you the news that Irish actor Cillian Murphy and new talent Ellen Page were to collaborate on the upcoming thriller ‘Peacock’.

Now, three further actors have been added to the bill for the forthcoming psychological thriller: Susan Sarandon, Bill Pullman and Josh Lucas.

Cillian Murphy will play a bank clerk who finds a woman living in his back yard when a train crashes into it.

Lucas (Sweet Home Alabama) will take the role of a policeman friend of Murphy’s character, while Pullman will play his supervisor. Sarandon will be the mayor’s wife, who runs the women’s shelter in the small town of Peacock, Nebraska.

The film will be directed by Michael Lander from a script he wrote with co-producer Ryan Roy.

See Susan Sarandon as Mom Racer in ‘Speed Racer’, in Irish Cinemas this Friday.