Rogen on Ghostbusters 3

Seth Rogen: Ghostbusters 3 is a Terrible Idea

“Pineapple Express” scribe and star Seth Rogen has called a proposed Ghostbusters 3 a “terrible idea”.


The comic actor, rumoured to be in line for a role in the sequel, told reporters that he was expecting the worst from Ghostbusters 3:


“It’s hard to imagine that would be good, isn’t it?” he commented. “I mean just as a movie fan I am the first guy to be skeptical of that. It sounds like a terrible idea when you first hear it. At first hearing it sounds like the worst idea ever. I mean, that would have to be one motherf***ing good script.”


Rogen, who worked with Ghostbusters star Harold Ramis on hit romantic comedy “Knocked Up”, insisted that he would not hesitate to turn down the movie: “It all depends on how bad the script was. There is a point where it’s so bad it’s really easy to say no.”