Rocky Russo and Jeremy Sosenko are TOO COOL TO BE FORGOTTEN

Scribes tapped for graphic novel adaptation.

Screenwriters Rocky Russo and Jeremy Sosenko have been hired to adapt the Top Shelf Comix graphic novel ‘Too Cool to Be Forgotten.’

Created by Alex Robinson (‘Box Office Poison,’ ‘Tricked’), the graphic novel centers on Andy Wicks, a forty-something father of two who’s making one final attempt to quit his 25-year smoking habit: hypnosis. He’s skeptical it will work, but is stunned to find that when he emerges from his trance, he’s fifteen years old – and it’s 1985! Is he doomed to relive the worst four years of his life or will this second go-round finally give him the answers he’s been missing all his life? If nothing else he’ll finally get to ask out Marie Simone from history class…

Red Crown Productions’ Daniela Taplin Lundberg and Daniel Crown are producing with Anthony Bregman of Likely Story. The project is currently without a director.