ROBOCOP Remake Hires New Screenwriter

Russell Crowe in the mix to play Alex Murphy?

MGM looks to have hired yet another screenwriter in a bid to get its long-gesting remake of ‘Robocop’ off the ground.

According to THR, the studio has enlisted the help of ‘Gran Torino’ scribe Nick Schenk to pen the screenplay for José Padilha (‘Elite Squad,’ ‘Bus 174’) to direct. The pair recently worked together on the political action-thriller ‘Tri-Border.’

Directed by Paul Verhoeven, the 1987 ultra-violent sci-fi classic centered on Alex Murphy, a mortally wounded law officer who becomes part of a corporate experiment in which his remains are encased in a robotic suit and unleashed on the city’s felons.

MGM is reportedly looking to begin production in the summer, but no one has yet been cast in the title role. Padilha has openly spoke of how he would like to get Michael Fassbender for the role, and while the ‘Shame’ actor has yet to meet with the Brazilian director, he has said he would be open to the idea. Interestingly, the usually reliable Jeff Sneider over at Variety has heard word that Russell Crowe is in the mix for the remake.