Raimi Talks Spidey Sequel

Director Sam Raimi shares his thoughts on a Spider-Man sequel.

Director Sam Raimi is talking Spider-man sequels.

Speaking to reporters, he shared his thoughts on making another sequels:

“James Vanderbilt is writing the script and I’m excited to read it. I think it’s going to be done in a few months,” Raimi added, “I’m hoping it’s as great as our discussions were about it and I’m hoping it feels right for me because I love Spider-Man. I’m hoping I’m well rested enough to embrace it and I’m hoping Sony wants me to do it. If all of those things come together, I would love to do it. There are a lot of unknowns about the future.”

Regarding the recent recasting rumours he added, “I’d hate to re-cast anybody in the future, I can’t imagine that.”

EXTRAS: Raimi is currently working on horror flick ‘Drag Me To Hell’, he has also proposed an ‘Evil Dead’ remake and rumoured a possible ’30 Days of Night’ sequel.