Puss In Boots Goes Solo

Shrek spin-off to feature all new character

Shrek spin-off movie Puss In Boots will reportedly feature all new characters.

Antonio Banderas has signed up to reprise his role as the voice of the swashbuckling feline, while none of the original film’s parts will star in the origin tale:

“No, all new characters – except Puss,” said screenwriter David H. Steinberg. “It doesn’t overlap with Shrek at all.

“Partly that was done to tell an original Puss story, but partly because we didn’t know what Shrek 4 – and now Shrek 5 – were going to do with the characters and we couldn’t write conflicting storylines.”

Puss In Boots has a 2011 release date, while Shrek Forever After is scheduled to arrive in cinemas in 2010.