Poll Big Versus Small Screen

This New Years Day, Movies.ie asks “Does (screen) Size Really Matter?





Having reaching Christmas movie overload the other night, I decided to sit down and watch the least festive flick I could find on my now overstocked, unopened DVD shelf (Well, who can resist those 3 for 25 offer???)


Intent on not having my heart-warmed (but, also not wanting anything too serious) I eventually settled in for a night of Christmas leftovers and “Cloverfield” – time to forget the “peace on Earth, good will toward men” with a good old fashioned monster movie.


But less than an thirty minutes in, something was missing – at first I put it down to the a foreknowledge of the outcome but by the end (a mere 80 minutes – that is one short film Mr Abrams!) I realised the problem – nausea.


Sitting in the cinemas last February, a buzz with all the internet chat surrounding the film I remember that feeling of excitement in finally getting to see the film. But soon in there was also a sense of nausea, disorientation and claustrophobia in the shaky cam flick – something I found lacking when reproduced on the small screen.


Don’t get me wrong, the film remains in my top 25 flicks of 2008 and with a ton of extras (particularly the Cloverfield Visual Effects documentary), it remains a worthwhile buy, but it poses the question about films and the nature of film exhibition.


Ok, we don’t wanna get too academic on the subject but this New Years Day, we pose the poll and question to you: “Does (Cinema Screen Size) Size Really Matter?





Remarks, rebukes, retorts – all welcome in the comment area below: