Poll Best movie of 2008

Help us decide the best movie of 2008…

In December we will be launching a Movies.ie poll to help us celebrate the best of cinema in 2008.


We’ll be including all sorts of categories,

from best villain to best hero,
best trailer to best poster,
best soundtrack to best special effects…
and if we’re brave enough we’ll also include a worst category, so you can vent your celluloid disappointment one last time before looking forward to 2009.

Every category will have 5 nominees, apart from the Best Mainstream Movie category, which will have 10 nominees. However we need your help with our short-list. Below are a list of 40+ movies that give a good representation of the years best, all you have to do is pick your favourites. The 10 movies with the most votes by next Friday will be chosen for our short-list.

Note : You can vote for more than one movie – BUT – you can only vote once – so make that vote count!



Note : Animated movies, Arthouse movies and foreign language movies will have their own categories in December, so aren’t included in this particular poll!




Have we missed a movie that should be included?

Is there a category you’d like to see included in next months polls?

Let us know in the comments below…