Pitt Finds Lost City

June, 1982 – The First Lebanon War. A lone tank and a paratroopers platoon are dispatched to search a hostile town – a simple mission that turns into a nightmare. The four members of a tank crew find themselves in a violent situation that they cannot contain. Motivated by fear and the basic instinct of survival, they desperately try not to lose themselves in the chaos of war.

Brad Pitt is set to produce and likely star in an upcoming  (based on a true story) film titled ‘Lost City of Z’.

Pitt would play Col. Percy Harrison Fawcett, a real-life British explorer who disappeared, along with his party, in 1925 while searching for the mysterious Lost City of Z. Many people have attempted to retrace his steps since, but all have failed.

The still to be published  non-fiction manuscript will be penned by David Grann.


TIDBIT: Pitt broke his arm during the filming of Se7en (1995). The injury was written into the movie.